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We’re making change happen throughout the application of BIG ANALYTICS.

We forecast. By building predictive models, we are able to determine how new trends may impact a business strategy. We explain. Our descriptive models help shape your next step by connecting the dots between. We estimate. Estimating values such as size of market or risk impact is possible through our quantitative research. We validate. Through quantitative research we can also validate or reject a business assumption.


How it works

  1. Define. You tell us your biggest business challenge and we translate into contests managed on our crowd-sourced platform. A large pool of experts (4000+ data experts, 50+ countries, 70% PhDs, MBAs, MS. 27% Data Scientists, 22% Business Consultants, 15% Business Research and 36% Statistical Modelers.) working independently eliminates individual bias. Our process aggregates the best solution at every stage.
  2. Develop. Our large community of experts provide multiple and independent perspectives addressing your business challenge. The large scale of the community and efficient model results in rapid turnaround. Depending on the nature of the projects, initial responses can be delivered in as early as 24 hours.
  3. Deliver. We then select, validate and consolidate the best results along with evidence backing those results.
  4. Recommend. We’ll interpret the data and provide you with recommendations to address your business issue in ways that help increase revenue and profitability.

Best Next Step

For more information, or to engage our analytics services, call Steve Stepanek at 313 701 9172.

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